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Jan 03 2020

Checklist: The Challenges Startups Encounter During App Development

Many successful business startups have had to overcome a lot of inevitable challenges. They find it hard to create an application that connects with users and, nonetheless, get sufficient funding to run the company. An app development company in Dubai can be of big help. The following list contains the significant problems a startup is likely to face and their solutions.

A Stiff and Competitive Market

You can find an experienced app development company in Dubai to come up with a unique app. There are millions of mobile apps in the Apple Store and Google Play Store. The significant problem is to develop an application that appears in the top ten list of the most trending ones of the month or week.

The most suitable solution is to create apps that solve existing gaps in the market. Gather the user data that you can manipulate to assist in deciding what the user wants. Once there is an existing app that solves a vital problem, the users will put you where you stand to be in the market share.

Acquisition of Funds

It is useful to have a great app idea, but it becomes tough to convert it into a practical application when there is a lack of enough capital to invest in it. Strategize and approach the right people. It can be friends, family, workmates, or other investors who understand the role of the app and the success it may bring forth. Apart from that, legitimate online app contests and forums that have a crowdfunding approach may provide the capital you desire.

Compatibility with Different Devices

As a startup company, it might be a challenge to keep up with the pace of hardware advancement in mobile devices. Some factors determine if an app will install correctly in a tablet, laptop, or phablets such as OS requirements and screen sizes.

The solution is to design apps based on responsiveness in multiple devices. The approach could be mobile-first as a way to reach and impact the target mobile market. After launching it, further tests will aid in providing solutions for other screen resolutions.

Menu Navigation

Simplicity matters when it is the first time developing an app that has an objective of impressing the market. There is no need to complicate the design of the interface. It could work for or against the startup. Some bad reviews may harm the reputation of the company, bringing it down before it has grown wings.

Marketing and Advertising

The market is broad but highly competitive for startups. Unfortunately, some quality apps fade away because there was nothing done to publicize the app to people. Hire the services of an expert in app marketing to use various channels and social platforms as a tool to acquire new customers.

Performance of Apps and Battery Life

The traditional aesthetics matter for the majority of startups, but ensuring an app performs well enough to benefit the end-user is the biggest challenge. Before launching an app, ensure that a beta test launch occurs to identify the bugs and fix them in the final release of the app and ensure battery consumption is minimal.

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