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Jan 21 2020

5 Key iOS 11 Features to Include in Your App

The iPhone and the iPad new operating system iOS11 present many exciting features for users and this means more work for anyone doing mobile application development in Dubai. Why? It means they need to come up with features that will be appreciated by the users. Certain features must be considered when designing mobile apps and the following are some of the key features to pay attention to.

Advanced AI

iOS11 incorporates the CoreML framework which supports machine learning. This makes it easy for mobile application development in Dubai to create apps that support machine learning. Giving your app the ability to recognize places, images, as well as sound, makes it more appealing. For example, an app that can use a photo of the fridge to come up with a shopping list would be impressive.

App Appeal

There is no more room in the App Store for apps that cannot prove their worth. Stuffing keywords in the app page are of no use. Right from the name of the app, it should be appealing enough to a possible user so that they can tell how it will help them. Special attention also needs to be paid to the rating. Ensure you have no bugs in the app before you ask for an overall rating. There are several changes to the product page and developers will need to make their apps genuinely appealing to feature at the front of the page.

Voice Control

The number of things that you can get Siri to handle using voice control is growing and developers need to take that into consideration. It is now possible to transact using voice commands. Voice commands play a key role in determining a user's experience so app developers need to come up with innovative ways to use voice commands within their app. Taking a selfie, choosing items on an eCommerce site or editing text, different aspects of a person's life can benefit from being able to use voice command.

Augmented Reality

There is a lot of fun that users can have with augmented reality and iOS11 supports this so it should be one of the key features to consider including in an app. It can be a fun feature, but it can also be useful to the user, for example, an interior designer may be happy to use augmented reality to show a client what their space would look like with the addition of certain furnishing.

Phased Update Release

Is your app ready for one market but not yet for another? Well, now you can make use of phased releases. This was initially impossible since all releases had to be available to everyone at the same time. Now you can create a select group that can receive the app as a test group and then gradually makes it available to other people. If you have been having trouble rolling out an App all at once, this is a feature you can appreciate.

The app store is obviously not big enough for all the apps being developed so it is important that your app can prove it is worth being featured. The best way to do that is to provide apps with features that appeal to the user and make it worth their attention.

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