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Jun 24 2024

Top Advantages of Creating a Mobile App for Your Business

Since the rise of smartphones, not only communication but also the business strategies have undergone a drastic change. Today, there is an app for virtually everything. The app-culture has revolutionized how businesses grow today. If you are looking for mobile application development in Dubai company, you should first have knowledge of how a mobile app can benefit your business.

Here’s what a mobile app can do for your business:

Get Noticed

Research shows most smartphone users are using their devices for 150 minutes on average per day. This means more visibility for your business. When a person is surfing different apps, just being visible can make an impact and can actually help in the growth of your business. Get in touch with the best mobile application development in Dubai firm to create a quality app that will drive more brand awareness and sales.

Brand Loyalty

This is a huge advantage offered by mobile apps to all sizes of businesses. The in-app purchases and promotions etc. open a window to communicate with the customers. One of the examples of creating brand loyalty through mobile apps is that of Starbucks. Whenever you visit a Starbucks outlet, you are given a star in the app’s unique star reward feature. Hence you keep visiting their outlet in order to be able to claim the reward.

One to One Marketing

Mobile apps have brought an end to exhaustive and costly marketing techniques like salesman hiring, putting up hoardings, or printing brochures, etc. all these things are done more effectively by an app

For example, the push notification feature keeps your customers aware of everything you want them to know about.

Increase in Profits

A mobile app can actually help you increase your business’s profits. Typically, mobile apps are way more convenient than a website and have a lot more user-friendly interface. The ease of use does translate into the increased response from the customer. E.g. when Domino’s launched their app, their profits soared over 25% in the first six months. This is because of the ease of placing orders, in-store pickups and home deliveries.

Websites Vs. Mobile Apps

Although a website does offer a great platform for your business to grow, a website alone cannot do the wonders for your business which an app alongside can do.

In a mobile app, you can easily create a reward feature, unlike a website. This helps in retaining the customers and hence creating brand loyalty.

Moreover, an app has the feature of push notification through which you can keep the customers updated about all the promotions and offers, etc.

Besides, a user-friendly interface, location alerts, and an easily accessible payment system along with the dashboard feature are other plus points that make mobile apps more preferable.

In short, if you want to get noticed or even be present in today’s dynamic market, having a well designed mobile app is a must. It will help you in keeping your business future-oriented and be in better touch with your customers.

However, it is equally important to make sure your app is bug-free, attractive and easy to use or it can even work against you. So, while looking for a mobile app company in Dubai, make sure you look for the one with a high level of expertise.

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