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Aug 04 2020

When is the Right Time to Redesign the Mobile App?

Mobile apps have become essential for enterprises to attract more customers and increase sales. There is a lot of work involved in creating an app. Enterprises usually outsource the task to companies that provide app development services. This enables them to use the expertise of the professionals and come up with an app that will be well received in the market.

However, creating an app is not a one-time process. While it is true that the base work is done initially, the app needs to be maintained and optimized regularly to avoid glitches and errors. But is that enough? Can the enterprise continue to rely on the same app to expand the business?

The answer is no. Especially in today’s world where new businesses are cropping up every day and new apps are being released one after another, enterprises cannot afford to stay complacent and take a break from marketing or development. If you look at social media platforms, you will notice how the apps are updated frequently. Not just that, you will also notice how the layout, themes, navigation, and overall appearance are revamped once in a few years to bring new features and create interest in more users.

Redesigning the app has a lot of benefits. From creating new marketing strategies for targeting new audiences and exploring other markets, the enterprise can use this move to push its brand name up the list. The Best App Development Company In Dubai ensures that the new and redesigned app has a lot more to offer and is refreshing in more ways than one.

But the trick here is to understand when and how to plan redesigning. While the ‘how’ part can be handled by the service provider, ‘when’ has to be decided by the enterprise. Doing it earlier than required or putting it off until users get frustrated will cause adverse results.

So, how to identify the right time to redesign the mobile app? Take the look at the points listed below.

1. Are users complaining about the app? Have the errors and crash reports increased over time?
2. Are the ratings for the app going down? What is the common complaint made by users?
3. Don’t just rely on Playstore reviews. Check out social media tags and posts where customers share their issues with a brand. Don’t ignore such posts.
4. Is the conversion rate falling? Are customers uninstalling the app soon after installing it?
5. Are customers not as active as before? Are there lesser orders through the app compared to other options such as website purchases?
6. At which point are customers facing difficulty with the app? Which pages get the most and least visits?
7. How many devices is the app compatible with? Should it cater to a wider audience?
8. Does the enterprise want to include any regional or international languages to the app?
9. Is there a plan to rebrand the business? Will there be any change in the logo, tagline, or business operations?
10. Does the enterprise want to capture new markets? Are the requirements of the target audience different from what the app offers?

These are just a few questions enterprises should consider before redesigning the app. There are various other technical aspects such as platforms, operating systems, APIs, UX, and UI, which will be taken care of by the Best App Development Company In Dubai.

Enterprises have to make sure that do proper research before redesigning the app according to customer requirements. The process involves time and money and hence requires a detailed approach to get the best results.

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