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Jan 08 2018

Top 7 Emerging App Trends in 2018

2017 was quite an active year that gave birth to a number of new app design trends. New technologies are becoming the leader of our human progress & the number of mobile applications is growing so fast.

We must develop the foresight and prepare for the new challenges that we come across - that’s why app changes are quite significant for us as a mobile app design agency in Dubai.

The difference between app store downloads worldwide from 2012 up to 2017 has shown an enormous increase (around 57.3 billion free downloads in 2012; around 253.9 billion free downloads in 2017).

At the same time the number of active apps on app store has risen in a similar manner (450000 active apps in 2012; 2.8 million active apps in 2017).

We as a company realize that mobile applications in Dubai are not just an optional investment, they are a necessity. We visualize what clients are looking for, and put it through our hard working foundation, which makes us always be two steps ahead of the competition.

In any industry, trends in some way reflect everyday work and needs. This process follows us everywhere we go- and mobile app designs are not an exception.

Some of the new trends of 2018 that our team in app development in Dubai uses to be on top of other companies are:


1. The future of artificial intelligence


The field of Artificial Intelligence (AI) encompasses a broad range of technologies intended to endow computers with human-like capabilities for learning, reasoning, and drawing useful insights.

There are a lot of companies that create app designs in Dubai, but have no idea what Artificial Intelligence is. So what makes us stand out?

We are ready to transform the usual & radical methods of developing apps. With AI’s personalized intelligence, businesses, developers and customers can come together to ponder intelligent interactions within mobile apps. AI will read the user trends and choices, and process its gathered information to deliver precise solutions.


2. Mobile app security


The security of a smartphone has become more crucial than ever because of the quantity of personal user data it retains. Apps with built-in security features can make a large difference in the world of applications. Examples of such app security policies include mobile app VPN, data encryption, corporate authentication, and data wipe.

This trend, while positively impacting the user experience, can reduce the ability of the IT department to confidently secure access to data on enterprise systems.

Our app developers in Dubai are working harder than ever to ensure that every app they design comes with this kind of safety guarantee.


3. VR/AR


If you’ve been researching articles about new technologies, you’re probably sick and tired of hearing about VR/AR. This isn’t a break through trend, but it is one that will be cemented in the year to come.

Thanks to various tools that have been released to help developers, this should begin to be incorporated in lots and lots of apps.

The use of Augmented Reality on mobile devices provides a niche and engaging way for marketers to reach the target audience-it’s quick, easy and very interactive.

Meanwhile, using a VR headset and controllers, makes the design process feel more hands on, more instinctive. Rather than using a mouse pointer and selecting commands from a menu, you can stretch, or pull, or cut, whatever’s in front of you, much as you would in real life.

If last year was VR/AR’s breakthrough, 2018 will be the year this mobile app trend becomes mainstream in Dubai.


4. UX over UI


2017 was an exciting year for UX, with smarter personalization and virtual reality among the buzzwords. We expect from 2018 even more focus on the accessibility and experiences that actually make a difference to our daily lives.

Designing with user experience in mind will continue to be a top priority for us. Esthetics will be secondary, and we’re about to see UI pattern libraries becoming the norm in order to make UX more practical, usable and consistent for the mass.


5. Material design


Though it’s not one of the latest trends on the market, material design, will continue to prevail as a design of choice, because of its simplicity.

It appears to be the most flexible solution offering light and dark backgrounds. As for the general simplicity, we can mention in numerous popular applications available for both Android and iOS platforms.

Google’s Android-based design scheme may have started as a mobile device interface, but has exploded in popularity and usage, regardless of device or platform.

Moreover, Material Design gives space for creativity and innovations letting designers add more features to the new version.


6. Simplicity & comfort


Designing simple, easy-to-use enterprise products is easier said than done. Customers expect enterprise products to deliver experiences like those of Facebook and Instagram.

For 2018 experts are saying that thoughtful reduction is a better approach to a greater design.


So why are other designers and the teams they collaborate with susceptible to over-complicated designs?

For designers, this means they will not have to master custom text effects, detailed icons or repeating textures to create a simple interface. Regardless of the designer’s skillset, they will be able to make outstanding interfaces users will gladly interact with.

Powered as an app design agency in Dubai is experiencing a great push towards minimalism on mobile and web interfaces, since clarity and user intention are of essence for great user experience.


7. Content- Centered experience


Well-curated and easily accessible content is what makes a mobile app appealing to its intended users. How to do so?

Many of our app designs in Dubai don’t have irrelevant information, and our designers prioritize relevant information by putting content first and elaborating clear visual language.

And by stripping away all the visual clutter can help you focus on the core of the message you are trying to communicate.


New Trends Mean New Opportunities


When it comes to app technologies, skilled software developers cannot possibly rely on outdated tools and trends at the development stage.

Mobile developers in Dubai along with app designers somehow create our present and our future here. The most important thing is to remain updated to provide the best user experience.

With time, those tasks that seemed too difficult become new revelations in the technological world and become a part of our everyday activities.

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