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Feb 25 2018

How to design a mobile application

Mobile app design is a specialized field that started to evolve a couple years ago. By time app development became a more fundamental part of our everyday life.

Nowadays, the mobile app industry is bigger than ever before. With mobile app designing you are in control of the product, as well as the relation between the app and the user. The possibilities that can me offered to you are endless, but at the same time there’s plenty of room for mistakes.

When designing an app there are some of the things you need to have in mind, before getting started.




Your number one task is setting up your goal, define the reason you want to enter in this huge & dynamic field. Identify a problem which you’re going to resolve on your app. The app should provide the user with tangible benefits and productivity enhancements.

Do your research, analysis and interviews will help you create specific goals for your costumer, and shape up your work to suit their needs.




Targeting your users &having a clear vision regarding the target group, can enhance the success ratio of your app & knowing your user’s preferences before you even start designing your app, it’s going to save you a lot of time and editing later on.

Looking on what you’re up against is always smart, and in the case of mobile applications you have a lot of diversity to check out the information you want. You can look up on any forums, sites, where users express their opinions about apps.

Do not focus only on you local area competition, if you want to be a big app agency in Dubai, expand your research and take notes on other great companies around the world.




After you’ve defined your app goals and objectives, its time to design your app. A trend of app design in Dubai is combining user experience (UX) with user interface (UI). Both of them are inseparable, so you must focus on interacting and picking up the best from both of them.

User interface is a very important part of the app creating process, because users want to an app that’s easy to navigate but at the same time they want an eye captivating app.

But, remember to keep it simple, stick to only core functions that you’ve sketched, and do not carry away. An app that fully packed up, not only it looks disfigured, but also it’s not user-friendly, and hard to understand.





If we turn our head back on time and think about app development in Dubai, we see a progressive improvement, so these days it’s not an impossible task when perfection is required.

There are a lot of approaches that will help reach this perfection. Start by putting the puzzles together, set up your servers & databases, modify the apps functionality.

Determine what source of data you want to keep, and if for example your app requires to the user to create an account, you need to monitor such things as usernames, IDs, emails & passwords and their loggings.





An advanced part of developing is putting together the wireframes. This visual guide will represent the bridge between your fresh thoughts and the final product before any technical development begins.

You can even add images of personalized screens from your wireframe. In each of these images you can link screens to one another, and share your prototype.

After you’ve sketched the users visual representation, you need to test your wireframes. This will help you identify and solve any problem of your app process.

Testing is crucial and you must not neglect. You might as well do a second round of your whole app testing after you’ve tested once with your wireframe.




After all the designing, developing, and testing by following all the guideline, the app is ready to launch and the main task now is improving the visibility of an app by App Store Optimization.

Once the app is live on the app stores, there are many ways to promote it to the future user.

Getting the app to your costumer mobile fast can be simple, you can write a short email to say that you’ve been working on an app that going to improve their mobile experience. Asking to them for any suggestions or feedback is another way to upgrade even more your application.





Designers and developers make mistakes all the time, so it’s not e reason to step back, or be scared to explore the future of mobile applications. You can look up on IOS or Android and see that even the biggest apps out there still have bugs, and constantly work hard to enhance the quality.

It’s important to not give up just because you’ve spent hours on working on an idea, and still have difficulty to make it work just as you want it.

But that’s okay, because you’ll earn experience and by time things will get easier, and the rewarding process is very much worthwhile.

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