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Feb 22 2018

How to layout features of your mobile application

With the marvelous sales of smartphones & tablets, mobile apps have become meaningful tools of marketing.

If you’re planning to incorporate a mobile application into your business, you must know what makes a mobile app great -  it's  features, and the way how to make it different & unique from the competitors.

While developing an app you shouldn’t  just think about pleasing the eye of the user. These kind of mistakes have been made by a lot of app agencies in Dubai, that do nothing but advertise services and products - and  aren’t doing a thing to accomplish the user’s desires and needs. So if you want to create a mobile app you need to determine the purpose of your company.

So, back to what makes an app great. One of the many ways, is putting the right features in the right place. The question remains:  how to layout these features of your mobile app, in an organized and logical order?


*Start with an easy one- Social Media


In this era, we are all influenced by social media;  it has become a necessity for us, business world, and every mobile app. The family of social media will share everything that they’re passionate about, and by integrating Facebook, Instagram or any other social platform, by allowing the user to sign up, comment, share about different events, you make a way for your user to interact with your application more often.

The result of using social media for app branding, is a necessity to stay on top of the trends, and even to have the freedom of testing new features and tactics.


*”Search” feature


When you give your user a handy search bar, that they can use to quickly  find the content they need , you already are one step ahead.

A lot of app designers work hard to make a great app, but all that content may become inconvenient if it is not easy accessible to the future client.

A search feature function allows an easier way to look up for contents that the user needs.

*Focus on MVP (Minimum viable product)


MVP builds up fundamental features that help your products to expand. This development  technique introduces a new product on the market with only essential features, but enough to grab the attention of the user.

 The idea is getting the feedback from the user first ( by using a simple prototype first) , then putting the full-fledged app product out.

A common misunderstanding that many app designs in Dubai make, is by creating the initial version of their product very complicated, and cutting out the key features.

 The right way to do, is by creating a basic, yet perfectly first version of your app, identify the key functions, launch the app and take advantage by the information you’ll get.




Essential as air, this feature allows you to track your app user and get all of the information about their behavior, so you can measure the success of your mobile application. By gathering and analyzing the experience from your user it will help your company encourage better updates and functionality for your app.


*Make it user friendly


As the app stores are becoming crowded more than ever, high quality app development in Dubai remains crucial for our company. So to make it your app more innovative and user-friendly, you must focus that your app fits the audience of you’ve targeted , but also an app that’s interactive and easy to use.

When you develop a mobile app, one of the first thing to keep in your mind is the app usability. You must remember that the app users are the ones who will navigate with the app and complete tasks; this is what’s going to make the application even more popular.


*Wireframe your app


This simplified visual concept doesn’t give you an idea just about the design, but it helps you understand the way the application works.

Put it on other words, wireframes are the skeletons of an app, that show available functions, space distribution, screen relationships, and so much more. Our app development in Dubai concentrates using wireframes to create a full picture of the elements they’re coding, by sketching them on the smallest structure detail. With this kind of structure can you quickly change any element and replace it based on your client’s needs.


*Push notifications


Some of the most successful mobile app agencies in Dubai are the ones who continually incorporate the “Push notifications” into their features list. This features has a tendency to inspire immediate action, and by that marketing content like special offers, product launches, and exclusive promotions do great with this feature. A great way to do so is pair up this feature with analytics and you’ll see immediate results on your app.

How we use “push notifications” is easier than sending just an email. They don’t end up as spam and its much more time saving, contain full graphic, and you can reach out to your user straight to their smartphones.


*Offline work


A helpful feature to keep in mind is the ability to use an app offline. Users can use the app more often and don’t have to worry about the limits, because even if the technology is build upon the principle of  network, in some situations you find yourself where it’s not possible to go online.

Why it is important to use this feature?

Essentially it gives a better experience to the users, it includes a faster loading app, and saves up the battery life.


*Different device/Different screen size


Designing apps for mobiles, tablets and mini devices is not an easy task to do, app developers need to consider all the range between these devices and their screen sizes. So you can’t neglect to incorporate all the responsive design into your development, because of the stellar experience that the user will get.

It’s important that your work is  presentable on the device, and does not appear crammed up. This responsive design is one of the best solutions, which fits on any device and screen size, by delivering in the most impressive manner your brand and its products.


To sum up...


A mobile app should provide unique experience, a simpler and seamless process. At the same time it should include features that will make an impact to your user, and fulfill their needs. Upgrading your work with new and innovative features, enhances its visibility, ensuring success in a long run.

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