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Mar 16 2018

Technical touches before publishing an app

Creating an app is a very complex thing to complete. It goes on many steps and each one has its importance. Publishing the app is one of the steps that acquires patience and hard work too.

It can be a complicated process, but once you set your goal and learn the tips & tricks, the success is guaranteed.

So what can we do to increase the likelihood of app success ?

Here are some of the things that you need to know before publishing an outstanding mobile app in Dubai.


1. Check up your competition


Researching for your competition is a very important step before making a commitment on launching the app on the market.

It’s essential to know what you’re up against because it affects app strategy, functionality & also helps you determining on how to monetize your app.

You can learn a lot about app weaknesses & avoid the mistakes that competitors have made to lead on that.


2. Decide if it’s going to be a free or a paid app


Before the app being published you also need to choose if the app is going to be a free app or a priced one.

You can choose a free app, but you can not change it into a paid app later on. But if you publish an app as priced, you can change it whenever you want on a free app.

On the other hand, you can always put in app-purchases, subscriptions  & sell products within the app.


3. App analytics


Knowing your competition, how much money you’ll make is important. But It’s not the only thing you need your focus on. That’s where app analytics take place

Using app analytics really helps app developers in Dubai to find clues on how to create applications that costumers want to use. It’s more than basic measures, like in app visitations, downloads, and deletes, it’s more about the combination of a trio: business, user, and product.

They’re more about exploring deeper from users that are engaging with the app, which make problems resolve more quickly.

To make a powerful team that uses app analytics, developers need to set up the data, analyze and structure in a logical & absorbable way. They need to have some metrics, collect numbers, discover, interpret, and communicate meaningful models in data.

Which tools we use?

Working with app analytics tools, has given us experience to know that implementing just one service is not good enough to analyze the data. That’s why multiple services of app analytics have made a big difference when it comes to app development in Dubai. They help to fix all the mistakes that can be caused by a corrupted data.

Google Analytics is probably one of the most compelling analytic tool on the market. It gives extensible reports, and can be used by both app & web platforms by four metrics:

Acquisitions ( They track your new costumers)

App Audience ( New & old statistics)

Behavior ( about reports, speed, new events)

Conversion ( help you track conversion, set up a new goal and see the flow)


4. App store accounts


You need to create a developer account if you want to publish your app in apple app stores. This account costs about US$99 per year, and before being available in the App Store your app will be tested by a specific team.

An additional developer account is required, if you want to publish your app in Google Play Store. You can sign in with your Google Account, and pay US$25 fee registration, and the process is completed.


5. App distribution


The app distribution is up to you to control it. Of course it’s logical that you don’t want to create boundaries. But if you consider the requirements, you can understand that you’ll need a lot of localized content so the app can work on different markets.

That’s why is a smart move for your company to exclude a country from your distribution.



6. Early testimonials


You want your users to believe that your app will bring value.

Reviews are very important of trust you bring to your users, but testimonials play a key role for your app to recruit new costumers.

We all know that users most of the time don’t read the description of your app, but if they do you must show to them testimonials of users who already have tested your app so it can be an astonishing relationship of yours.


Last words..


Publishing an app it’s not an easy thing to do, but now you’ve seen these important steps, it will be much easier when you try to publish your next app.

And if you are still on early days of your development, create a list for things to do and go one by one, and when the time comes to publish it, you already will be a step ahead with your work & a successful publishing of your app with a lot of downloads since day one is promised.

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