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Mar 29 2018

6 App mistakes that developers make

We all know that nowadays is essential to have a mobile application. But what most people don’t know is what happens behind the curtains.

The process of creating huge impact with app designs in Dubai, is harder than can be imagined. A lot of things can go wrong when developing and sometimes a single mistake can lead for a company to lose their reputation and clients too.

There are a lot of mistakes that can be made when you create an app, but this discussion is about to those who are more common than the other mistakes, and you must try to avoid as long as you can.


1. Not including Beta testing


Beta testing has a key role on the app launch process. After Alpha testing, which is a fundamental part of the app testing, developers put the app on the hand of real users to test it and give feedback. Here they have the opportunity to track the big flaws and resolve them before making the app available in the market.

It is important that beta testers use the app constantly for a  specific period of time, and you need around 100-300 people to do it. With that being said, you can not only have like 10 testers, because not all of them can detect the bugs that eventually the app can have, or they just might be lazy to test it properly and they’ll not give the truth about the app.

A bigger mistake that developers can make is ignoring all the Beta testing, which doesn’t make an app versatile, and the app doesn’t run smoothly.


2. Forget about the updates


After you release the app in public, your work as an app design agency in Dubai it should not end. Most of the companies forget about that, and with time they don’t improve the app performance, as required by users.

Adding new features, improving the app's functionality that users might find problematic is what should be done. Satisfied users then give  good feedback and it will lift the company's reputation.


3. Multi platform supporting


Even though it sounds weird, working on a multi platform app sometimes is tricky, it requires a bigger team, it costs more, and consumes a lot of time.

This common mistake made by developers is because they try to earn more money by each platform they release the app. But this is not the best way to work it out.

Instead focus on a platform first , for e.g. on the App Store, launch the app and update it regularly, optimize the app and eliminate the bugs. This will make an ideal app, and after this you can be safe to work on another platform and make a good app on that too.


4. Overloading with too many features


App development in Dubai is getting bigger and bigger, and all this competition between companies has made a change on the way the developers work.

We can clearly in a way how they add features on their apps. It’s getting “trendy”  to put as many features as you can get; that makes the app more complex , instead of beautiful and simple.  And when the features are way too complicated, users will experience difficulties to interact with the app.

Our company Powered on the other hand, is an example on how features should be made. We like it clean and simple, that is our slogan, and that’s how our team works. You can learn from us on how our users are happy, and their feedback about the experience with the app is always positive.


5. Boring UI


User Interface is often neglected from developers, which fails to impress new users. Features is probably one of the first things that users have interactions with, and that’s why you need to consider the fact that the way you design an app is what’s going to get you downloads in the first place.

Of course another thing to keep in mind is not overdoing features and app looks. Nobody wants an incomprehensible app, but on the other hand nobody wants an app that doesn’t have any impressive features.


6. Fail to optimize your app-ASO


If you are pondering on how your costumers find the app they need-  they just browse through app store, as simple as that. So if you launch an app and don’t optimize it you’ll miss out a lot of downloads and it would cost you on sales.

But before optimizing, you need to target your audience, and find out how will their “search” about when looking for similar apps as yours.

App designs in Dubai that we provide have been planned in the needs and preferences of our users. We have figured out our audience and it’s the best way plan our features that fulfill the users' desires , use the best monetization, and develop an effective marketing campaign.




The most successful mobile app agencies in Dubai, are more than amazing developers, they’re more about smart & experienced business, careful management of the clients, and a planning routine in advance.

Avoiding the mistakes that could be made by a following a 'step by step' list. Developers should consider every angle of all the problems that might come on the road.

And you have to remember that mistakes you recognize is one the first step to keep the agency in balance in cost and time.

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