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Apr 01 2018

How to choose the best mobile app development company

There are a lot of things that you need too keep in mind about app development in Dubai. This world is changing rapidly, and having expert app developers by your side is so important to guide you on the development process.

Businesses are developing apps in Dubai for a significant variety of reasons. Some companies develop apps because they want to reach out easily to their clients. Other may develop apps so they can conduct transactions. Also apps can be created for marketing purposes.

Nowadays mobile apps in Dubai represent brands behind them. They are unique, an integral part of the business world, that are implemented within organizations to resolve major enterprise issues.

But why is so important to hire a mobile app agency?

The answer is easy, if you hire a mobile app agency in Dubai, you can eliminate addition planning that’s required to the process of developing. Also agencies here are up to date with the latest technologies, trends and guidelines of app market.

To choose the best mobile app company here in Dubai, you have to make sure that the team that will work for your app is very much worth your idea and investment, so here are some of the things you need to check out before you choose the company to build your app:


~ Look for the other apps they’ve developed


The agency you’re hiring should give you a list of the apps they’ve created, or you can look at their website on the portfolio index. This will help you identify their technical expertise, experience, and skills.

Sometimes agencies don’t have their clients’ projects on their portfolios due to their privacy, and in that case you can contact that company and ask for it, or you can download their app to give it a spin.

This way you’ll be able to affirm what the agency is advertising, or they can prove you the opposite experience.

Here on our app development company- Powered our clients are so satisfied with the apps we have created, so they already have engaged with us more than once. This is an even more important thing to keep in mind, because it shows how pleased our clients are to work with us more than just for a project.


~  Know your budget


First of you need to do your own research and see how much is the average cost to create an app. The downside of when you do your research is that you might get confused even more, because sometimes internet gives you different estimates, based on the size of the app, the quality of the developers etc.

Another help that you can get, is by talking to development experts, so you can understand more specifically about the cost of a particular feature or technical touch. You can not have a project that has features at a high level of complication, and ask for a budget-friendly price.



~ Prioritize the company that has experience with multiple platforms


 Whether it is a native or cross platform way of developing apps, the company you want to hire is better if it has experience on working with any kind of device, like smartphones, tablets, or any wearable device.

That app company who has worked on multiple platforms, is a better solution to help you make decisions about what kind of app is suited for your purpose. Developers with experience with no doubt will try to convince you for more, and give you that competitive edge to succeed more, and not be stuck to limitations.


~ Get to know the team


Some apps are that simple that need just a couple of developers, but if you want a bigger app, you’ll need a bigger team. You want a team that have exceptional skills.

 For example if you’re looking for a good developer in Dubai, you want one that knows coding for iOS( Swift/objective C), Android(Java), and other mobile frameworks(Angular JS).

The creative part-designers should know to put the best UI/UX ( User interface & User experience), for the app to be attractive but also user-friendly.

Having a mobile app development company team in Dubai that gives innovative ideas and unique apps will differentiate from your competitors and also satisfies the user.


~ Check the company’s digital marketing


Digital marketing services are very important, but besides that a lot of app companies don’t have one.

An established app design agency should include ad buying experts, also digital advertising tools. Digital marketing bring a lot of benefits and advantages for your business, because they have the right strategy, are cost effective, and bring impressive results.


~ Conclusion


Businesses are following mobile app trends now, more than ever, even though building an app  requires a lot of planning, time to develop, and team work. The competition between businesses in all different sizes, is growing, and  that’s why it’s so important to choose the perfect app design agency.

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