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Apr 06 2018

How to make your app go viral

Receiving millions of downloads, and becoming a viral app, is surely every app developer's dream. But that’s not easy and not every app has what it needs to achieve that success.

This part will be hard if you rely on the traditional way to advertise your app and increase awareness.

To make your app go viral whether if it’s a social app, a game, a business one, you must provide an unique, engaging and attractive app. That’s why app development companies in Dubai are working on building a detailed strategy, to spread the popularity and the interaction of the app faster.

App success and virality isn’t just some marketing strategy that you can execute once the app launches. It has to be built and thought through since the beginning, making sure that your users will share the app on different platforms and social networks, and this way ensuring a whole new level of promotion.

This is way better and effective than doing paid advertising, because in the end of the day users believe more the recommendations given by people they know, than just a banner ad.

But as much as we love apps that go viral, not many app designs in Dubai have the potential to be addictive to users. One of the reason is that app design companies here in Dubai don’t even know how to reach to users without paid advertisement.

That’s why we’re going to share some of the techniques that our company uses, to make our clients happy, and to provide their apps with an ever growing audience.


Eye catching icon


One of the first things that mobile users see when scrolling in the app stores is this small, sometimes neglected icon. What developers miss a lot of times, is the reason why this icon is so important to attract them with this first impression.

What you want is an icon that is bold, describes the app on its best way, and it’s clickable at their first glance. You can even use this icon in the app stores, on marketing campaigns, and on your website.


Social Media Sharing


Sharing your app in Social media is a very essential step. You should provide the ability for your app to be shared on multiple social media platforms.

One thing to keep in mind is displaying the app in the channels that users are most likely to post and share, like LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. And no matter what kind of content or the category that your app is part of, there’s always a smart way to enable in social media sharing.

With social media sharing you have multiple benefits, like you gain new costumers, your brand gains recognition, and you will have a free marketing team.


Make updates more often


App stores often list higher the recent apps releases, or apps that have been updated, and as an app developer in Dubai you’re already making changes in your app to make it even better than was before.

The trick is that every time you create a new feature, you should update in the app store feature list, on your description, and the download itself. In some stores when you update the features, you also need to resubmit the app, which is a good thing, because it will look like a new app, and will be listed in the “New releases” list.


Reward your users


We’ve talked about how social media sharing helps your app go viral. But you don’t just fool your users to do so, so think about rewarding them if they share your app, or at lease once in a while.

When you do this you create a sense of loyalty, and new users will engage with your app and share it with others.

You should be careful here because sending a lot of notifications and reminders is a mistake, that a lot of app design agencies in Dubai do, which isn't pleasant for the users, they consider more like spamming. So make sure your users have control on notifications, even if you're offering free stuff.


Focus on the ASO


ASO (App Store Optimization) marketing strategy is a unique “science”, that requires a lot of study and hard work, but highly beneficial. What you can do here is to create a content that should be relevant on what the app provides, and pick the proper keywords that users will most likely search about on the App Stores.

A good ASO, even that is the most cost effective method of the marketing strategy, will help your app for sure on its viral path.


At the end..


Making an app viral is what every app developer in Dubai considers their greatest achievement, an app that will not be lost in the app store, and their work will not fade.

However these amazing tips are, without a quality UI/UX, an app can’t go viral and succeed. A great and an experienced team & an outstanding marketing strategy that provides useful value to your users, is the key to gain the popularity of your app, that can be on top of the charts.


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