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Jul 23 2018

Deterministic Trends of Mobile Application Development

The need for convenience in today’s technology world has propelled the mobile application market to new heights. There are more than one billion people in the world today using smartphones and using about 179 billion applications annually. Google applications, gaming apps, and social media applications have dominated this market and with good reason. The growth of this industry has led to a shift in marketing tact among big corporations such as Amazon, and Walmart as well as other small and medium enterprises. Mobile applications have provided an ideal marketing platform for businesses looking to grow their clientele. Advancements in this industry are, however, propelled by changes in mobile development Dubai.

In this article, we shall delve deeper into some of the changing trends that have the potential to impact the development of mobile applications in the future. 

Wearable Or On-Person Devices

The need for convenience has pushed the boundaries of mobile technology leading to the creation of wearable devices. Devices such as the Apple and Samsung watches can afford users with the convenience of staying up to date with the activities on their phones without having to constantly look at them. The ability to communicate and gain access to a host of information has created an opportunity for players in the accessories industries and the app development industries. The trend to have on-person devices and the convenience that comes with it could see novel ways of communication between these devices and mobile phones being introduced. 

Information Sharing And Smart Devices

The technology available in today’s world allows us to operate machinery and observe the happenings of our homes and workplaces remotely. It also allows the different devices we use in our day to day lives to communicate with each other making it easier to operate them. With the continued development of smart home objects such as bulbs, TVs, security systems and many more, users will have more control of their homes. This trend has technological bigwigs such as Microsoft, Apple and SAP put more effort into the development of mobile applications that can provide solutions to the problems that come with the introduction of interconnected smart devices. 

Online Commerce Trends

Globally, more businesses are moving their trade to the online space. With the growing consumption of mobile devices comes a need for the development of applications that can add convenience to the online marketplace. This is evident in the development of mobile money transfer services such as Apple Pay and Amazon Pay among others. This trend not only affects where we do business but how. More people are opting for the convenience that comes with having money on your phone rather than using credit cards. Mobile applications such as Google Wallet have since come up to enable people to to store their money online as opposed to having physical cash. If this trend continues, developers will need to come up with more applications to make it easy for users to access their money on the move.

Changes in mobile technology are an inevitability. Seeing that mobile devices and smartphones for that matter have become an integral part of our day to day lives, Mobile development Dubai will need to keep up with these changes in order to make the most of the opportunities that come with them. 

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