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Dec 03 2018

Security Checklist that Every Android App Developer Should be Aware of

Over time smartphones have grown to be the most used technological devices on the globe and it is estimated that this number will amplify to about 6 billion people by the year 2020. This alternatively increases the market for Android mobile applications. Mobile application development companies in UAE, therefore, have to be on the watchful eye to satisfy the growing demand of apps by smartphone users. There are indeed many obstacles that android app developers have to overcome in terms of performance, security, functionality and even compatibility to the prospective phones. 

Most android developing companies neglect their responsibility to test the developed applications before launching them. This may be the reason why a lot of apps have security issues and could easily be hacked. As a business owner, you need to ensure the Android developer you hire can follow a checklist of things before launching your application to the market.

Is Your File System Encrypted? 

The best way to secure your data is through encryption. This way your app users will be safer and their details will not risk being leaked to hackers. It is proper that you use encryption to prevent external access to personalized data even if both parties are using the same app. A leak of personalized data can be detrimental to the app user which is why you need to prioritize their security first while developing the app.

Reduce Permission Requests for Your App

Do you know that anyone can access important information on one’s phone through hacking certain apps in the phone? Well, it is up to you to safeguard the app-user by reducing the number of permissions needed to operate an application. Normally apps need permission to access the camera, contacts, and even messages.  When developing your app, ensure the developer reduces the number of permissions needed.

Make Use of Application Sandboxes for Android Apps

You can protect your application from being exploited by other similar apps through using this feature. Application sandboxes offer protective layer which prohibits any other app from using the app’s toys. This is also referred to as app containerization and through it, you can separate data and any other code execution from being manipulated by other external applications. Give every app their special user ID or also called UID’s and then only applications with the same UIDs can use the same data.

Have a Thorough Activation and Registration Procedure

Make sure that the registration and activation process is thorough enough. There is more maintenance needed between creating an app, maintaining, and launching an app. Check the app constantly and ensure that the registration and activation process are not that frustrating but tight enough to secure the app.

Prevent data breaching and exploitation by securing your apps before launching them into the market. Mobile application development companies in UAE cares about the security of the app user and safeguarding their data which is why you should seek for their services in case you need a secure app developed for your business. With the market being flooded by many app developers, you have to be prudent in your choice.

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