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Mar 29 2019

Quick Guide: Practical Tips to Help You Maximize In-App Purchases

Most people make apps for their business with the basic intention being to generate money. Here is how exactly apps could help you generate more revenue and sales for your business.

Go back in time to when you first had the idea to create an app for your business, you had certain objectives right? Now assess your sales and client statistics, has the app made it for you or are you still struggling? If you are still on the edge trying to make money it means there are a few things you are not doing right. First of all, hire expert mobile development Dubai agency to code an app for you and ensure that good user experience is guaranteed. The following are some of the beautiful ideas that could direct you on how to use your mobile app to generate more money for your business.

Have a Download Link on Your Website for Visitors

Most people hear about businesses first online. This is where it all starts and that is why you need to have a website for your business to improve its visibility online. Once you make it easy for a client to find you, they may decide to download your app to get more information and connect to your product and services. This is a plus to you but including a download link on the website pages could make the work much easier for the potential client visiting your site. Ensure the link leads to no dead ends but direct to a site where they may easily download your app. By doing this you increase the number of people downloading your app and ultimately the sales distinctively.

Make Your App Users Depend on It

This is ordinarily referred to as FOMO which stands for fear of missing out. It basically means being afraid of being left out by your friends who are doing fun activities. You can apply this theory to your apps and ensure that you make your clients want to check in what offers you have from time to Tim e. You can entice them with offers, flash sales, discounts on membership and even free shipping every once in a while. This makes people want to associate more with your app and maximize their purchases to benefit from your offers which means more profit for your business.

Push Notifications are Necessary

Emails are slow and a bit overrated in this era. Most of your business emails to your clients may end up on a spam list. This interrupts the flow of important information to your clients but with the introduction of apps to the business realm, everything changes. Push notifications arrive just like phone messages and have a higher chance of being read, unlike emails. Take advantage of this feature and communicate properly with your clients and employees to ensure that you get more sales and retain more clients.

Encourage Referrals, Ratings, and Reviews

Most apps have features that allow you to state your user experience and even rate the business out of five stars. Have your mobile development Dubai experts make an app with this feature to enable posting comments and ratings as this could be opportune in convincing unsure clients so ensure that you encourage all your clients to give you feedback and rating online for future clients to assess. Remember positive feedback is a plus to your business and helps improve your conversion rate from visitors to clients.


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