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Apr 30 2019

How Happy Are Your Application Users?

Showing you how measuring the app users’ satisfaction and happiness and how to increase their volumes.
Mobile application development in Dubai is reaching new heights. But an application developer will not be relaxed and satisfied until the application users give their feedback. And every developer wants the users’ happiness and satisfaction being expressed, shown, and measured.
Happy and satisfied users talk about the app, suggest it to friends and other users, and if any minor troubleshooting appears, it might be even forgiven. And most importantly, happy customers usually turn to loyal returning customers. Do not forget the numbers, more then 60% of sales volume is due to returning customers.
So follow up these simple ways of measuring and increasing the happiness of your app’s users.
The Way to Measure Happiness

Is there a way to express the volume of happiness? It sounds a bit obscure because you cannot just catch the happiness in the air and weigh it. The most common and comfortable way of measuring is by asking questions. So feedback or inquiry or experience expressed through a questionnaire is a way to start.
The Feedback

Anytime you buy an item or use services of the big players, you most probably receive an email with a survey request. Though it may take just a few minutes to fill it in, keep in mind that around half of the customers will not take the time.
Short Feedback Surveys

No need to ask too many details, the customer prefers to answer shortly, in simple words or just by using yes or no. Do not ask a general question, targeted feedback is your best new friend, especially if there are multiple experiences or services offered.
Act Instead of React

Ask questions you would like to hear the answer to or questions you would appreciate as to improve your application.
Context and Offers

Stay on the feedback topic and try to determine who is going to be asked what. Do not expect the customers to give an honest answer if they feel confused as what is expected from them.  
And if you feel it is not possible, or you need more details, offer some discounts for the customers who take the time to respond.
Boosting Happiness

As soon as you know the volume of happiness, it is probably a time to try increasing its volume.  
Getting Started

Always consider making your customers start using the application immediately. Make their first impression of downloading and installing to be as pleasant and as quick as possible. Allow them to reach out to the desired service without delay.
Standing by

You want to be easy to talk to, to assist them, if the help is needed. Listen to their requests and find solutions. They will remember you being helpful and reachable.
Up-to-date Application

Never ever let your application become outdated. The most unforgiven mistake of developers is being late with updates or the updates not being flawless.
So after all the measurements seen in numbers, like download volume, net promoter volumes, and more, the unmeasurable happiness is finally being expressed in numbers. Take advice from the best mobile application development in Dubai to heart if you want to become an exceptional business offering happiness through the use of the application, and download and the users’ volume of your app will rise.

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