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May 30 2019

Simple Ways to Promote Your Mobile App

Having an app is just the beginning of the journey to achieving your goals. After mobile application development Dubai, ensure you have a clear strategy to promote the usage of your app among the target audience. Unless you have a marketing strategy for your app, it will be as good as letting it drown in the thousands of apps in the market. Here is a guide on simple steps you can take to promote your app.  

Use Social Media Platforms

Social media is one of the common platforms used in the promotion of mobile apps. Post links to the download pages of your app, also post guides on the usage of the apps and screenshots of the app in use. Ensure you involve your audience by asking feedback on the usage of the app and how to better their experience.  

Have an Intro Video for Your App

This should, however, be done with a lot of carefulness to prove the concept of the app to its users. You probably won’t be comfortable creating a video and incurring costs for an app which has changed a lot since the launch.  

Ask for Reviews  

Besides having an intro video and posting your app on social media channels, reviews also promote your app. Check out on the numerous app review websites from the internet and make use of their services.  

Create In-App Awarding Contests

A lot of organizations offer awards to new and innovative applications. Ensure you adequately research on such contests and apply to those in your area of specialization. The competitions help in informing more people about your application.  

Have an App Store Optimization Strategy

To ensure your app is more preferred among the thousands in the app stores, optimization is a requirement.  The title, icon, and description of your app should contain up to date keywords for easy identification by users. The screenshots should be clear and official to lead more users to your app.  

Do Not Focus on Online Marketing Alone

Other than the social media platforms and the internet, employ smart proven tactics to identify your customers’ offline. Target the areas with a strong base of potential users for effective results.   

Try AdWords

Once you collect potential keywords which can drive quality traffic to your download page, try AdWords strategies. Always keep your campaign updated regularly as per the policies.  

Encourage User Ratings

Your users say a lot about your application. Encourage them to give ratings and feedback on your app in the app stores. Ensure the ratings are real since fake reviews can nowadays be noticed and frowned upon.  

Offer Free Trials to Users

If your app contains paid services, initial trial offers can help in collecting information on potential users. Reach out to them later to inform of them of your paid services.  

Give Promo Codes

Apart from free trials, promo codes can also build your user base. Users often prefer less cost and free coupons to help them save money.  

Above all, your current users should be a priority. They are the ones who can give insights on both their experience and future expectations of your app. So always keep them in mind while doing mobile application development Dubai.

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