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Jun 24 2024

How to Promote Your Mobile Application?

Many businesses have had issues when trying to make their apps popular and have had to bring in mobile app development companies in UAE to make their apps well known. Below we share some tips on how apps can be promoted before and during their launch.

App Store Optimization

By optimizing your app, you ensure exposure to potential users.  This can be done by the best mobile app development companies in UAE.

i) Optimizing the Title on the App Store

The title of the app should clearly tell users what it does.  It should be unique, short and memorable in order to be more effective.

ii) Icon Name

The app icon name is displayed under the app icon after download.  It has to be short and interesting enough to capture the attention of the users.

iii) App Description

The description that should appear in the app store should be easy, interesting and catch the potential users attention.  
iv) Category of the App in an App Store
Your app should be in its correct category according to its use to make it easier to find.

v) Keywords

There is a dedicated section in app stores that let you insert keywords. This should be used to promote the service your app provides to make potential users reach you easier.

vi) App Icon

It is advisable to spend a good amount of time and invest some money in making a quality, unique and easily recognizable icon for your app. Make potential users curious enough to look some more into your app by having a nice icon.

vii) App Screenshots

To give users a feel of the services your app provides, app stores allow you to put in screenshots of the app. The screenshots should give a feel of what the app provides and how the app looks like.

viii) App Download Price

You can choose to have your app free for download or free after you pay a fee or choose to have a paid app. Whichever one you choose it has to make financial sense for both user and developer.

ix) Provide for the International Market

Ensure the app is easily accessible for all markets if you want it to work worldwide and have maximum exposure.

Media Promotion

Another great way to promote your app is by getting publicity for it. This can be done in many ways including:

i) Creating a Press Kit

The press kit contains information needed to create the story behind the app and give information about the problems the app can solve for your users that you can give to the press.

ii) Connect with the Local Press

Connect with the people you want to advertise the app for you. Tell them the story behind your app and how you think it can help people. Ask them to try the app and give public feedback if possible. Offer to give the story behind your app exclusively to the media you prefer to have promote your app if you want to.

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