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Oct 03 2023

Mobile Application Developments that are Trending Now

Mobile applications have been evolving to include more advanced and sophisticated technology over the years, so you can expect a better performing application.

The tech world experienced tremendous advancements in the last few years. Due to the vibrant nature of technological advancements, we are expecting much better stuff in the upcoming quarter. Mobile development Dubai companies have been working round the clock to ensure that the world of mobile applications is more exciting in the coming year. The following are a few trends to check out.

More Advanced Block Chain Technology

Block chain technology is a relatively new concept that found its way into the market a few years ago. It, however, broke the walls in 2018 and became the most sought after technology by the financial sector. It is still trending as mobile development Dubai companies are taking advantage of the market behavior to provide an even much better experience.

Artificial Intelligence

AI is a concept that has been there since the invent of the internet and has been improving over time. This technology has proved useful in across all industries when used alongside human intelligence.

Increase in the Number of On-demand Applications

On-demand applications such as Uber have become a part of life, and it is expected they will increase in number. More industries are introducing these apps, which assist them to operate at a larger scale.


Service providers are introducing chatbots on their online platforms and messaging services to enable their customers to get real-time assistance. In the future, this technology will ensure that companies provide solutions to their clients remotely.

Advancement of Wearable Devices

Wearable devices were a trend since the last couple of years, and this is expected to get better. The medical field has already integrated this technology into their services. Wearable apps can obtain a patient’s vitals all at once. We expect more smartwatches and such other devices will hit the market and be available to the masses.

Internet of Things

IoT technology is expected to find its way into more industries than was experienced in this year. The real advantage of this technology is that it integrates all the services offered by an organization to ease delivery. The education sector and e-commerce specifically are expected to incorporate IoT in their operations.

Mobile Money Services

The banking sector is also taking advantage of the technology wave by adopting mobile money applications. Clients are no longer required to queue in the banking halls to access financial services.

Cloud Storage Technology

Because of the increasing use of mobile technology, storage of the enormous loads of data is becoming a problem. To solve the menace, developers are coming up with cloud storage solutions that are safe, reliable, and accessible.  

Application Security Improvement

Security is becoming a concern in the tech world as more people are gaining access to mobile applications. In 2019, developers are prioritizing the protection of the apps to ensure that all stakeholders are protected. There are tech companies that are coming with the sole purpose of providing security.

Many other technology trends will be witnessed in the upcoming year in tandem with mobile technology. All this will improve the quality of life and make services more accessible as well as improve global communication.

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